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#1 - 2012/04/02 08:10:00 PM
Hi Guys

Currently I am on O2 Unlimited Broadband 8Mb and want to switch to fibre optic. I haven't experienced major problems with O2 but I want to switch to something faster like Virgin Media's 30Mb or 60Mb package. I have 2 computers which are on simultaneously for raiding/pvp. I am not sure if 8Mb has the bandwidth to handle it. I have started to experience random DC's ever since I set up the second computer. I live in North London.

Can any of the current virgin media customers enlighten me with the state of Virgin Media fibre optic connection please on the following things:

  • WOW Raiding/PVP on multiple computers on at the same time
  • YouTube 1080p a must
  • Downloads from hosts such as Rapid share
  • Skype
  • BBC I player
  • Other Games including Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Diablo 3, Guild War 2Virgin Media recently (this month) updated their Traffic Management Policy. How is this affecting you?

  • 20MB and Below:
  • 30MB and Above:
    I have seen many complaints about Virgin Media in games (2-3k latency) in games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. However I think it could that those members may live in more rural areas or perhaps have a broadband package which is rather slow and contains very low usages during peak times as shown in the VM's Traffic Management Policy linked above. For example the 10 Mb package only allows 750MB downloads between 4PM-9PM before reducing speeds by 75%. I would like know whether the 30MB/60MB or even the 100MB package users have/currently experiencing latency problems in game.

    On the VM forums it states that the WOW issues have been finally fixed. Is this True?


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    #22 - 2012/04/06 11:10:00 AM

    Regarding the routers switching off when downloading, you might be able to resolve this particular issue by disabling uPnP on the router's configuration page.

    However if you are experiencing latency in evenings, we might be able to look into this issue too. In order to do that though, we'd need the following information:

    ISP :
    Town and Country :
    Network Adapter Make and Model :
    Modem/Router Make and Model :

    And a path ping to your realm:

    Thank you.