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#1 - 2012/07/31 03:49:00 PM
It is my opinion that the mana regeneration from this glyph needs to be buffed by at least 5% in order for it to ever be useful! In it's current state, it restores 10% of your mana pool but costs 7% of your base mana (is there a difference between base mana and actual mana pool anymore other than the meta gem?). This means that for the opportunity cost of casting a spell I'm restoring 3% mana!

I absolutely love my shaman healer and I plan on playing him for MoP because I love the play style. I understand expansions change play style, but I think you had a good concept going and now it's being nerfed to hell.

Not only is the mana return very low, but you also have to sacrifice a glyph slot to get it. If it were passive, with 3% that'd be more understandable. With it taking a glyph slot, I'd like to see the return something a bit more substantial.

What do you guys think?

Game Designer
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#38 - 2012/08/01 09:49:00 AM
As I said in the other thread, the intent of Telluric Currents is for free Lightning Bolts. If the trivial amount of mana gain interests you, that doesn't offend us. We don't believe or intend for it to be a mandatory glyph.

To clear up th history of the mechanic, it was originally intended to be a way for Resto shaman to feel like they could contribute DPS when they didn't need to heal. It wasn't intended as a mana regen mechanic. It absolutely became one when mana pools became high. We try not to make changes just because the design ends up being something not originally intended, as long as we think the gameplay is acceptable. It was reasonably acceptable in say 4.2 and got to the point where we didn't like it in 4.3, but still not worth chnging -- we try to reserve changes for expansions and not patches unless we think they are important. In 5.0 it is time to return the mechanic back to an optional way to contribute some damage for Resto. A glyph isn't the right way to deliver active mana return for a healer. It's not fair to shaman to have to take the glyph or to other healers who don't have that option.