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#1 - 2012/07/29 10:21:00 PM
I'd like to give some feedback about an issue.
I really can't understand how some of the decisions are made. I just spent quite an amount of gold for making a weapon and gemming it. I reached level 83, eagerly awaiting to transmog it to a weapon that fits my brownish warrior theme very well.

The Perforator
a one-hand fist weapon with magical attributes


Theldurin's Fist
a one-handed fist weapon with magical attributes.

But it won't allow that! This goes against the stated transmog rules. It doesn't even fit into the silly-item-rule, because seriously, if you think about all the massive, blingy, absurdly phantastic weapons in this game and then you consider a big spiked glove silly and thus not meant for transmog, then my critique is valid. Do you have trouble following your own guidelines?

After this unpleasant surprise, I read on wowhead that it's transmog-capable in MoP Beta, but due to the new quest reward system, only available to warriors. So after a long time, something that never made sense is finally being fixed, and at the same time general variety for the awesome transmog feature is being limited?

Stuff like this is a real funstopper and should be avoided. It strengthens the sense that nothing in the game really matters, which harms immersion.

P.S.: It gets even weirder: Darkmoon replica gear and at least one weapon. You offer that for a significant price and according to your transmog rules, it should not be usable for transmog (no magical attributes), but turns out it is and is even meant for that purpose. But you let people guess and use trial&error to determine whether it is.

Maybe it would have been better to not mention any rules at all, but add a transmogrifiability info (funny word) to item tooltips.

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#3 - 2012/07/30 09:57:00 AM
The issue is indeed being fixed in Mists, as you said. Sorry you can't enjoy wielding it for the time being :(

However, there are two schools of thought regarding class-only items. Some people really like having items that only their class can use, it makes them all the more unique, special and rare.

Having said that, if anyone still wants it, there's still some time to get it!