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#1 - 2012/07/26 02:34:00 PM
I have been playing the pet battle system on both an alliance character as well as a horde one and I have a question about the different quest lines.

The first Trainer battle on the horde side is against a trainer who has a level 5 team (Dagara the fierce). Meanwhile on the alliance side, the first trainer battle is against a trainer with level 2 pets (Julia). This seems to ease the Alliance side into the battle system more then the horde side.

I was wondering if the difference was to either a) get people to play both factions or b) test which would work better, grinding pets up to level 5 before taking on your first boss battle or allowing players to take on more npc trainers and get XP bonus' to help level faster.

Sorry if this has been addressed, I couldn't seem to find it on the search.

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#2 - 2012/07/27 07:16:00 AM
This was just a bug. The trainer levels will be mirrored on both sides in the next build.