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#1 - 2012/07/16 09:28:00 AM
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Since it seems to have capped

I noticed when I logged in today it was extremely difficult for me to finish a normal dungeon (my Monk is 87), I finished nearly every encounter with 20% mana or less. I was having to heal my little heart out ! =( We wiped multiple times on Xin the Weaponmaster in Mogu'shan Palace because I couldn't keep up with the damage going out! I've never had issues on this fight like I had earlier today =(!

Before I was healing fine and having no mana issues at all, now it seems I'm having them insanely and it's somewhat discouraging, I can only hope it's not just me messing up all of a sudden (I'm really loving my monk, I'll probably drop my druid for one in Mop so I want to get it right)

Guess I'll work on quests for now until I build my courage back up to heal dungeons again =) though when MoP goes live I will do Mistweaver no matter what!

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#184 - 2012/07/27 12:05:00 AM
07/24/2012 02:02 PMPosted by Belorien
One other ability thats broken
Been broken from day one.

In fact I'm feeling as if another "Bel's List of Issues" needs to be posted *cracks knuckles* Here it is.

- Our level 90 talent Xuen finally procs Eminence as originally intended; however the damage (and therefore healing) is insignificant and rather useless.
- RJW only provides bonus healing in an extremely rare niche environment and therefore is near unusable.
- Zen Meditation now fulfills a role similar to dispersion for all monks instead of what was thought to be our raid CD. This leaves our toolbox completely void of a raid CD and leaves MWs very UP compared to other healers for content above Raid Finder difficulty.
- Revival provides an extremely lackluster amount of healing for the CD and serves 0 purpose in our toolkit in its current implementation.
- ReMs CD is back to a playable spot for 10man raiding; however the cap at 10 targets causes huge balancing issues in 25mans. Perhaps a much lower CD with the intention that we recast it constantly throughout a fight would be best to alleviate this issue.
- Uplift's ties to ReM and TFT are rather unwieldy and not fun gameplay. Uplifts inability to hit targets without ReM leaves us without a reliable raid healing tool comparable to other classes.
- Zen Sphere and Chi Burst are coming closer to being balanced in terms of numbers with every build. That said CB is still quite unreliable on whom it is actually going to hit. Unreliability lowers the classes chances of succeeding in high end raiding and PvP. Chi Burst needs some reworking but not as much as Chi Wave.
- Chi Wave has had very little change despite its usability issues. The reasoning behind a CD on this spell seems pointless and simply left there from before it was even a talent. The skill needs a ton of work before it will be anywhere near as viable as ZS or CB.
- Melee healing is still broken and completely unusable for multiple reasons, but the most significant is scaling.
- SCK heals and damages for far too little leaving scenarios of stacked healing un-testable. They are balancing us on NOT using SCK even though it is intended to be used so our other AoE spells will be nerfed heavily after SCK is fixed.
- The need for a CD on Serpent Statue seems pointless as we are balanced around it being out. If the intent is to only use on bosses then we are gimped on trash as a result. If they are balancing around us not having it out then we are OP when we do drop it. Not good design and yet another hurdle thrown in front of them.
- Mana issues are still of large concern due to how the Mana Tea mechanic works. Every 4th Chi spent seems to be too much especially since we don't have a skill/combo of skills to burn a full 4 within a single GCD. (3 is our max)

I think this covers most of the problems. Honestly it feels longer than the last one and hopefully people just jumping in can get an idea of all the things that still need to be looked at and discussed. As always thanks for the read, the feedback, the replies, all of it. Awesome community is awesome :)

• Xuen is not scaling with AP converted from SP. We’re in the process of fixing this. His damage will increase significantly when completed.

• We agree that Rushing Jade Wind isn’t that much of a competitive choice for Mistweaver’s in that tier. We’re adding a new effect which will increase the healing done by the Monk’s Spinning Crane Kick (via Teachings of the Monastery) after cast.

• Revival is intended to be the Tranquility/Divine Hymn for Monks. We agree it may not be as competitive as the other healer's timers, so it’s likely we’ll do some tuning there.

• We’re going to be removing the cap of Renewing Mists (from 10 targets), mainly because the cooldown should be the limiter of # of active targets, not an arbitrary cap.

• Regarding Uplift not filling the slot of AOE healing, Spinning Crane Kick’s heal is intended to fill that gap. The healing done by SCK in the live beta build is bugged and not scaling from spellpower. We've got this fixed in a future beta patch.

• Regarding the melee healing monk, we'd appreciate more detail about what exactly is hampering the subspec from being viable.

• We agree that monks have mana issues right now, but in our tests, Mistweavers are still doing quite well. Expect healing number reductions if we do reduce mana costs and/or buff Mana Tea.

Lastly, we welcome any videos + combat log parses of raid tests with Mistweavers (in both ranged healing and melee healing subspecs), if you guys have them.

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#386 - 2012/08/01 11:17:00 PM
08/01/2012 12:10 PMPosted by Foxstar
I'm not getting anything from Chi Burst.

Chi Burst will give Mana Tea if all targets in its path are ally's. Any damage done, even when not directly targeted, will cause Chi Burst not to generate Mana Tea.

Something I noticed being posted here, about abilities procing Eminence. The abilities that both damage and heal will not proc it:

All of T30 abilitys
Chi Torpedo

Unless something had changed in the last build (I haven't done much testing on this latest build) this holds true. If it doesn't do damage solely then it doesn't proc Eminence.

Lastly, Spinning Crane Kick does not proc Eminence!

I keep seeing somebody new saying that it does or eluding then does. It does not! Lol :)

It is a bug that Zen Sphere, Chi Burst or Chi Wave don’t proc Eminence. This has been fixed internally. We also put an AOE cap on Zen Sphere’s detonate. Chi Burst not generating Mana Tea stacks has also been fixed.

We’ve also changed Eminence to be able to proc Gift of the Serpent (Mastery).