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#1 - 2012/07/14 08:04:00 AM
WW Monk energy regen is way to slow. While I understand that in its previous state it was too much, 8 energy per 1 second is too little. This slow energy rate causes WW Monks to either spend 3 chi on FoF (on CD) or sit around for 10 seconds while we gain enough energy to jab twice. I believe that forcing WW monks to use FoF on CD, just to be able to keep damage up and regen energy to jab, is detrimental to the classes play style and viability in a raid setting. Having to use FoF causes us to be immobile during the duration of the channel (which is awkward itself). Furthermore, the main reason to bring a WW Monk to raid was due to one of two reasons... 1. Great single target dps / 2. Above average AOE. Reason number 2 still holds true but with the energy bug fix, our Single target damage has greatly diminished.

Rotation Energy and all that jazz:

8 energy per second: Since we can no longer gain 4 chi prior to entering combat (except if you use Chi Brew), My rotation ends up flat lining around 30seconds into the fight. This is with the use of Energizing brew. In order to combat that flat line I am forced to throw FoF into the rotation ON CD which is very bad for most of the boss fights introduced thus far, due to the channeled aspect of it. Even using FoF every time it is available, I still end up having massive downtime between using 4 chi and jabbing twice.

13 energy per second: 13 energy per second enabled WW monks to completely disregard Energizing brew which should be used almost every time it is available. This energy level also allowed monks to completely disregard FoF seeing as how it was inferior to BoK on single target (even with the "ignite" dot that is still broken).

Proposed Solution:

As stated above, 8 energy per second is too little and 13 energy per second is too much. In an Ideal world, A WW Monk would want to be at 13 energy per second at THE END of the expansion in full best in slot gear. In order to get there I believe there are 2 solutions:

1. Lower the energy cost of jab to 30 (build it into the spec i.e ww jab now costs 30 energy and provides 2 chi per use)
2. Increase the base energy regen to 10 per second

I believe that either of the proposed solutions will balance out this spec. These solutions will not allow monks to blatantly disregard the use of Chi Brew, Energizing Brew and powerstrikes; However this will allow us to use these abilities at our discretion providing WW Monks with less downtime and more engagement within the spec. The solutions listed will also provide monks with an achievable break point in which we can choose to lessen the use of FoF and use more BoK.

2-4 Add fights:

Say blizzard was to implement one of the two proposed solutions above, we still have 1 area in which WW Monks are greatly underpowered. This would be when there are 2-4 "cleave" mob fights. When 2-4 targets are available, the use of FoF is great but that only lasts 4 seconds... so for the next 25 seconds you have no viable ability to out put damage on multiple targets. Spinning Crane Kick does less damage than if you were to continue single target dps going between 2-4 mobs.

At 2 mobs up SCK is less damage than a single target rotation and does not provide chi to keep up other abilities.

At 3 mobs SCK provides chi but still does less damage than a single target rotation.

At 4 mobs SCK provides chi and does comparable damage as the single target rotation.

When we get higher than 4 targets SCK is a great ability. So far in the raid/dungeon designs, we are consistently seeing 2-4 mob fights. Enough to be concerned about the severe lack of an ability to "cleave".

Proposed Solution:

Make Tiger's Eye Brew allow temporary 2-3 target "cleave" of Black out kick, rising sun kick, tiger's palm and Jab. This will allow Monks to choose between Using TEB to cleave or using it to gain a damage bonus... each of which will be useful in certain situations.

Please feel free to add on to this post or discuss what I have mentioned above. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope everyone can realize that I am just trying to provide useful feedback.


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#182 - 2012/07/26 11:41:00 PM
We agree the rotation feels slightly slower paced in entry level gear than intended.

In an upcoming build we intend to increase the base Energy regeneration to 10/second, up from 8/second (and yes, this will also affect Brewmasters). We may have to follow this with some damage reductions, as monks are already performing at an optimal state in our damage tests. That said, in entry level expansion items, Energy regeneration rates are always going to feel slower than they should, because we have to tune things with future gear in mind.

Regarding “cleaving” damage balance, monks in our tests are competitive on 3+ targets via Spinning Crane Kick rather than Jab in a slightly different rotation.

As always, challenging us with specific numbers when outlining your case is very welcome.

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#305 - 2012/08/01 11:28:00 PM
In an upcoming build we’re essentially doubling the healing (healing only, not damage) of Expel Harm. We’re also increasing the healing done by Chi Wave, Zen Sphere, and Chi Burst. We want the level 30 talents to be an interesting choice for all monks, but they should not become DPS rotational abilities in PvE for Windwalker monks, as it would complicate their rotations to a degree we aren’t comfortable with. Our vision for PvE Windwalkers in regards to Chi Wave, Zen Sphere, and Chi Burst is that you’ll use them rotationally or in replacement of Blackout Kick in situations where your survival is more important than DPS (say, in situations like Chimeron).

That said, Zen Sphere (and that talent tier) was never intended to be analogous to Recuperate, more so Word of Glory. Some mild to moderate self-healing is acceptable for the Windwalker in PvP, but it isn’t intended to be their forte. Their forte is intended to be their strong mobility and the fact that their damage is mostly upfront and instant, as they have very little to no periodic damage.