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#1 - 2012/07/24 10:24:00 AM

A little prehistory...

I’ve started playing on the official server since 2008. Like every beginner player, I’ve got the highest level, simultaneously marveling at the new world, customs and rules of the official server, achievements, and indeed almost any smallest details of the game.

But one year has passed. I’ve obtained a long-awaited Level 80. Equipped in an ordinary blue items and knowing nothing about my own class, but met a lot of different people, who started as the same novices as I was, and finished the hardcore raiders. Then I began to wonder: What next? What else can I do here?

At that time raids seemed to me incomprehensible, difficult, they scared and totally did not attracted me (especially after the guild raids on Sartharion from the Obsidian Sanctuary, when, having a terrible Internet, we heard the cries of RL, who implored us to run between the fire walls). BG was bored, Arena (like raids) seemed also hard and difficult.

There was nothing to do. Until...

Once I saw a player, who was riding on a white Winterspring Frostsaber. He stood out against common gray mounts, and I (as a big lover of something unusual and unique), right of wanted to get this mount. Who does not want to stand out among other? Immediately abandoning my shyness, I asked this player how to get it, and then, I rushed to farm.
Yeah, it was difficult for about a month running up and down in the Winterspring, cruelly killing Chimeras, Frostsabers and Ice Giants. But finally I got my Winterspring Frostsaber and in addition a great achievement.

And ... I loved it!

Insane in the Membrane

Further I got Insane in the Membrane.

At first it seemed to me crazy, and impossible to achieve.
I spent 3 insane months. One of them I’ve leveled up a rogue to level 60 and diligently farmed heavy junkboxes. Second month, days and nights, I sat in Dire Maul (friends "complained": "I enter the game - Wishmaster is in a Dire Maul, I wanna get out - he's as usual there, and I oversee it every day"). Third month I’ve finished everything that's left.

Then in such a way I got a Hero of Shattrath and one by one started to obtain the other achievements...

Friendship with the raids failed. I’ve raided the Ulduar, the Citadel and the early Cataclysm raids. I’ve got a lot of good friends with whom we continue to communicate until now. But most I prefer to depend on myself, on my desires and possibilities. I like to overcome the difficulties, I like this pleasant feeling when I do something difficult, that other players have refused to do. I like to do the "great thing" at the end of which I will be rewarded. And the most attractive for me is the process of receiving but not the moment of getting the achievement. And finally, there are great moments, when other gamers point at you a finger, loudly calling «Achievement geek» (no, it does not hurt, it even please), but after all whispers: «How long did you farm it?»

In our days...

Came the Cataclysm time. The achievement “Insane” became “Scarcely Insane” because the Shen'dralar faction (about 1/4 of the achievement) was removed. You’ve added guild perks, that significantly increased the speed of gaining the reputation, the Darkmoon Faire was updated in patch 4.3 and thus and so gamers were able to obtain all reputation only making usual daily quests.
“Insane in the Membrane” has lost its uniqueness - everyone can get it, making just little effort.

During all the Cataclysm beta I hoped that we would get an analog of “Insane in the Membrane”, a new crazy achievement, having heard the name of which, ordinary people would say: «It is impossible, unreal!». But unfortunately it didn’t appear.

Cataclysm came to its logical end.

Slowly, approaches Mists of Pandaria. And there is no New Insane in the Membrane. PvE players get their raiding achievements, PvP players - their own. «Achievement geeks» - get nothing. But why there is no small achievement? It is just a couple of lines of code, a few letters and little achievement icon! Why not create a global goal for which you can throw all?

Double Insane

I understand, that not many people are interested in hard achievements, like us. But we do exist. And we need our «new content». Please do us a favor.
Let be the new achievement’s name «Insane in the Membrane – 2» and its title «Double Insane», but let it be!
We really need it.
I hope that you would understand my wish.

In any case, I want to thank you for this amazing game, and for a special "spirit of Blizzard», which prevails even outside the game. Thanks! =)

With best regards.
Your eternal fan and feral druid to the innermost of my heart, Wishmaster (Вишмастер)

PS: I’m looking forward to any support (click "Like") and comments…

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#13 - 2012/07/24 03:25:00 PM
Nice read indeed :-)

It could be interesting to know what you guys think think should be the requirements for a new insane achievement then?