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#1 - 2012/07/18 06:38:00 PM
Why not? What could possibly be the reason for not being able to send your Carved Ogre Idol / any disguises to other characters, or have a new one being created when you make a new character, like Mini Thor and other items are? Is there even any reasons at all that it cannot at least be BoA so I can send it to my alts ?

Come to think of it, why aren't every disguises, which are, just like pets and mounts, PURELY COSMETICS, not shared among every characters on your account? Some mounts and pets already are sent to every characters, and in MoP, every mounts (bar PVP mounts, for the worst reason I've ever heard) are shared, why not disguises?

And mounts, why can I not mount up when I'm disguised? It's not like there isn't some disguises that already do this:

Orb of Deception
Orb of the Sin'Dorei
NoggenFogger Elixir (Mists of Pandaria)
Gnomoregan Pride ( & Horde variant that turns you into a troll)
Leyara's Locket
Kalytha's Locket
Muradin's Favor

You used to be able to mount up with the potion of illusion's disguise IF you had not copied a player image, only taken the preset disguises, but obviously this was too much fun in their eyes, so they felt it was needed to "hotfix" this.

So my question is, why? Especially in the case of those like Carved Ogre Idol, you could make the mounts the same size as the tauren's (I have vague knowledge of how the mount size work depending on the model, but yeah), it's not like they don't have animations for mounts, you can go as passenger on mammoths or other multi passenger mounts and you'll see animations for both passenger AND mount (if on a mechano-hog, the ogre sits with his arms crossed, visibly a bit too tight, and if you go on other passenger seats like mammoth, rocket, or even the darmoon "Tiger", you'll see he has animations for it).

I really, really don't see the issue in giving every disguises the ability to mount up, especially those who already have animations ready for it.

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#5 - 2012/07/19 07:47:00 AM
I'm not an artist so I can't be completely certain, but when it comes to the Ogre Idol it could be due to clipping and size issues. I'll try to find out more.

In regards to sharing pets and other rare objects, to my mind it's a little similar to the transmogrification of legendaries argument. Some of these things are damn hard to get, so when you see one in use, it's special. If suddenly these rare items were appearing a lot more often, they'd lose some of their awe quality. Don't you think it would be a shame if suddenly these relatively rare things became quite common to see?