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#1 - 2012/07/19 02:47:00 AM
Why is the revive/heal pet on a 10 minute timer? With that being the only method of healing pets in the field, you're either forced to fight a lot battles that are way under level and not much of a challenge, or shuttle back and forth to a Stable Master to heal up after every wild battle. At least if we could use bandages or potions on our pets that would be another gold sink.

When you're looking at a Battle Master, if you can see their pets on the ground, you should be able to tell what level they are, instead of having to wait for the battle to start. Or look them all up online.

The entire system seems designed to enhance the most tedious, grindy parts of pet battling. From the restrictions on healing, to the forced search for the "rare" pets. At least there's only one IV we have to look for, not 7.

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#8 - 2012/07/19 07:36:00 AM
The cooldown on the heal is easily tweakable. We picked 15m as a starting point and so far, we are pretty happy with it.

We just added Pet Battle Bandages to the Sack of Pet Supplies for both the one-shot Master quests and the Grand Master dailies. They stack up to x5 so that is always another option if you take part in the questline.

Stable Masters are a last resort. The design intent is not for you to go back to them after every fight. As a few others pointed out, you can find pets that heal your team in battle as well. Most players should be able to do a solid number of fights before you even need to use your heal, much less go to a Stable Master.