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#1 - 2012/07/02 07:06:00 PM
in cata they said they had 1000s of new quests they just forgot to say only 700ish are for lvl 80+ i got a bad feeling its the same thing in MoP 1000s of quests but most are dailys and we all kno dailys are super fun !

they were ok in tbc as u got nice items then stoped
they were ok in wrath ^
they were ok in cata ^

so when u got all the items u want what to do ? think they should of thought of more things to do than dailys

not even sure if the pet battle will make it , going all path of the titans and prob end up "not working as we want so its cut" not sure about the farm thing didnt read to much about it 2bh if someone in beta would/can share on it :)

on a side note about the challenge missons they say they want us to join a group on our server and then go to the place ie go and explore didnt they say that in cata about dungeons then smart ppl just didnt "find" SC GB VP then they fixed it so u didnt have to explore :P

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#8 - 2012/07/18 11:58:00 AM
As things are right now, it looks like there will be approximately 1300 quests in Mists of Pandaria. This is a very rough number though, and this is of course still subject to change.

There is some overlap between Alliance and Horde, but the majority of these quests are neutral and because of this we do not expect there to be more than 200 or so faction-specific quests.

Of these 1300 quests, roughly 300 of them are dailies.

Right this moment we don't have the numbers off-hand to show how that that compares exactly to the previous expansions, but the quest count seems to more closely mirror Wrath of the Lich King, however with a much greater emphasis on dailies. Mists of Pandaria is actually the expansion where we have emphasized dailies the most... ever!

The dailies are of course randomized, which means that you will never log in and find that you have 300 daily quests to do. We expect that if a player has progressed sufficiently with the neutral factions, and thus advanced to their maximum possible quest availability, you would have around 48 quests available on any given day.