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#1 - 2012/07/16 11:45:00 PM

Behold! The Recruit-A-Friend program has unleashed an all new reward mount—the swift and sleek Obsidian Nightwing. Unlike most other mounts, the Obsidian Nightwing is not a mount you summon, but rather a mount that you become, enabling you to take to the skies with a friend riding on your back. And who wouldn’t want to ride (or transform into) a winged panther?


As mentioned earlier, the previous reward mount, the X-53 Touring Rocket has now been retired from the Recruit-A-Friend program (but those who already earned the vintage rocket in the past will keep it going forward).

Other than the new Obsidian Nightwing, the Recruit-A-Friend program remains unchanged, so you can expect all the same epic benefits as before:

You Get:

  • A FREE Obsidian Nightwing mount for a single character - when your recruit pays for their second full month of game time
  • 30 days of FREE game time - when your recruit upgrades to a full version of World of Warcraft: Battle Chest and pays for their first month of game time.

Your Recruit Gets:

  • World of Warcraft: Starter Edition, enabling them to play FREE up to level 20

You AND Your Recruit Get:

  • Friend-to-friend summoning, making it easy to travel and adventure together
  • Bonus experience when grouped together and grantable levels so you can easily maintain a character to level up with your friend. 

For more details on the Recruit-A-Friend program, be sure to check out the full FAQ.  Otherwise you can start recruiting now and invite a friend to join you on your adventures in Azeroth

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#2 - 2012/07/17 12:00:00 AM
We’re all very excited about the new Obsidian Nightwing mount and other benefits you can earn with the Recruit-A-Friend program, but we just want to remind you to be cautious when it comes to account security. While posting your email in an attempt to be recruited does not violate our forum Code of Conduct, you are exposing one key element of your account to the general public. We’d like to encourage you to please be mindful of the risk involved. This also seems like a great time to remind you of the information found on our Account Security website: