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#1 - 2011/06/16 01:17:00 PM
Dear Tank,

Whether you come in the form of a savage Druid, a menacing Death Knight a fierce Warrior or a stout Paladin, through this thread i wish to thanks you for putting up with us dps. We do not always show our appriciation for what you do and what you mean to us .

We DPS often fail to grasp the task of tanking, we tend to be rude, arrogant and mainly focus on the holy grail: our dps meter. In this proces of competition we start to more and more disregard the class that makes this all possible. The Tanks

You guys and gals bare a level of responsibility that most of us would be terrified of having, you take the biggest repair bills, you suffer from the most verbal abuse (healers stop whining and heal more! ;) ) You lead us to the darkest places azeroth has to offer, you have the shiniest armor and the biggest health pools, you fight tooth and claw, with sword and shield, with massive 2-handers, always protecting others, always defending those that cannot defend themselves, often being the first to fall. You make it possible for others to shine and brag while getting less recognition. .

For this and many more reasons i thank you for putting up with us, you are so much more then meatshields



The Sha'tar

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16/06/2011 14:17Posted by Lightning
For this and many more reasons i thank you for putting up with us, you are so much more then meatshields


So nice to read a thread like this one.

I think we have all been in many instances where people are too trigger-happy to jump on and criticize anyone that does a mistake, while the opposite doesn’t happen just as often.
There’s nothing strange about that though, it’s normal human behaviour to focus more on the bad things than on good ones, almost everyone remembers negative things more strongly and in more detail.
That’s why it’s so important to remember to give praise to a job well done, as we often forget about doing exactly that when everything goes smoothly. I think everyone enjoys being complimented for something they did well.

I must say though, I don’t really fully agree that tanks are that easily disregarded, I think they are actually the center of attention and that’s why they probably get more heat from everyone, for example when a pull goes wrong...
But on the other hand, I’ve seen some tanks doing amazing moves, using uncommon and fun strategies and just being good at improvisation and reacting to unexpected stuff, that just shows creativity and mastery of their class and role, and of course everybody notices it and usually says something congratulatory about it.

I must say few things in this game make me feel as good as when I’m tanking with my Lilliputian but oh-so-proud gnome warrior and suddenly I’m in one of those moments where everyone is expecting a wipe, somehow you turn /godmode on for 10 seconds and take care of all the chaos and surprise everyone with skills that some players didn’t even know tanks had in their arsenal.

I always try to remember saying thank you or just complimenting players especially when I see someone playing really well, whether it’s a tank, healer or a dps, I think it gives people a rewarding feeling that promotes them to keep playing at their very best and not start slacking because “no one really cares”, as this thread shows, that's not true at all.