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#1 - 2012/07/08 06:27:00 AM
Quick question for everyone. I was talking to some friends about the new talent system, and I'm interested in how often this actually happens.

How many specs out there have 1 or more "No-brainer" talents?

That is, for your spec (or maybe your whole class), is there a talent tier where the choice you should take for optimal performance is so obvious that you believe nearly all of those playing it will choose it nearly all of the time?

To be precise, I DON'T mean:
- Talents that are "boring" or "minor"
- Talents where a whole tier doesn't relate to your role (e.g., a healing tier for a moonkin)
- Talents where one choice is always the right choice for a specific kind of fight or against a specific kind of team in PvP, but the others are still useful for other types of fights.

I DO mean:
- Talents where you would always take the "usual" choice unless there's a very specific, rare fight mechanic (e.g., infinite resources)
- Talents where one of the choices relates to your role and the other 2 do not in any significant way.

So, if your class has one or more of those, 2 questions:
#1) What talent is the problem?
#2) Why are the other two not useful? Are there any situations where you'd use them instead?
(and if you like, #3) What could they change about the tier to make it better?)

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#45 - 2012/07/09 10:39:00 PM
Posting here to draw a little attention to a useful thread.

What would also be useful is to state (in a nice way) when you disagree with a previous poster.