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#1 - 2012/06/28 03:51:00 PM
Its good that the game got graphical improvements such as the water etc, but it is more than annoying that I can get graphical lag becuase the game does not support my crossfire setup. I know the flamers will say but it "kind of" does but kind of is not good enough. I dont want to have to turn down my graphics to make a game such as this playable. It should have been something which was coded in with the graphics improvements.

It make no sense whats to ever to make it look good and have fancy things happen in the raids if you then have to go out and buy a new graphics card because your game does not support crossfire or SLI!! Everything else I play I can have my graphics ramped right up.

Just an fyi I am running a pair of Ati 5850's, well 1 x 5850 for Wow

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#2 - 2012/06/29 12:27:00 PM

I'm sorry but right now the game doesn't support Crossfire or SLI configurations. This is something that's being looked into for future releases, but you have to remember that World of Warcraft is fairly old, and was made at a time when multiple GPUs were a thing of dreams.

We do update with more support, but it's a slow process, but be aware it is being worked on.