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#1 - 2012/06/18 04:39:00 PM
Please make our kiting and control tools undodgeable. Namely Concussive Shot and Scatter Shot. I think this is a necessary trade-off for adding the dodge mechanic to our ranged attacks. I have no issue with the mechanic itself other than for these particular shots.

The rest are "nice to haves" and border-line necessary.

Please add a refund mechanic (full or partial) to our spec signature shots. Explosive Shot, Chimera Shot and Kill Command. Spending large chunks of our resource on signature shots only to have them dodged, coupled with poor passive resource generation will make DPS plummet.

Please change Steady and Cobra Shot to always generate focus if the cast is finished. Resource generating shots should always generate focus regardless if they "land" or not.

Please adjust hunter Agility / Dodge scaling to be in line with other agility based classes. Again this is another trade-off in my opinion. Now that hunters have to deal with dodge mechanics (no problem with that), I think it also makes sense for us to also benefit equally from our main stat as other classes do.

I am sure hunter's smarter and more experienced than I can expand on these requests in constructive and concise manner.

Thanks in advance.

Game Designer
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#130 - 2012/06/19 05:58:00 PM
Shots that cost focus should give a partial refund when they miss. If that isn't happening, we'll fix it.

We don't think Steady and Cobra Shot need to provide resources even when they miss. We're not going for a design where hunters can be certain to always have maximum resource income in PvP. As long as they have enough focus, they'll be fine. If we see evidence that hunters are focus-starved, we'll adjust accordingly, but we haven't seen that so far. There hasn't been a ton of PvP testing on beta yet. There has been a lot of speculation, and while that is still valuable feedback, it is understandably less valuable.

If Shred and Backstab were so reliable in PvP, I don't think there would be such a storied history of druids and rogues asking to buff alternatives to the positional requirements or just removing the positional requirements for PvP. In other words, I think "melee can nearly always attack from behind in PvP" is overstated.

If hunters get close to hit and expertise caps, they should do fine even against Agi users with high dodge chances. They won't do fine against a rogue that pops Evasion, but Evasion is intended as a survivability cooldown. Different classes are different and cooldowns and durations all vary, but I don't know that rogues have a great counter for Deterrence either.

The loss of minimum range is a huge hunter PvP buff. I don't think we've seen the full ramifications of it yet.