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#1 - 2012/06/15 01:42:00 AM
I really do not like the fact we are being forced to be in PVP mode when not PVP players. I went to log on to my lower level Monk today, who is in Theramore, so I could work on levelling her and seeing how things go as a Monk. I've already got my two mains to 90, one horde and one alliance, and now would like to play around with a lower level character.

My character (on Lost Isles) is currently sitting flagged in the Inn. I have tried turning it off, and there is no timer to count it down and after a good half hour or so, it is still on (been hunting forums). My best guess is that I have been forced into a flagged position because Lost Isles is now doing that cross realm stuff with the PVPers.

I HATE PVP. I HATE being ganked. This is why I do not PVP and play on a PVE realm. I suck at PVP, again the reason I play on the PVE realms. I want to be able to enjoy my questing experience without having to worry that some joker is going to decide to come along and gank my character.

I understand that when the cross-realm stuff goes live, we'll stick with our own realm types, and I appreciate that, but please change the BETA cross-realm/forced PVP. I would like to see how the lower level quests are, and how levelling goes for the Monk, and I cannot do that if I'm going to be forced to be in a gankable situation.


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#198 - 2012/06/16 05:14:00 PM
When we go live, cross realm zones won't put PvP and PvE realms together.

During beta testing, you're going to see a lot of crazy stuff. Please keep in mind that beta is not a demo of the game. It is a testing environment in which we can get feedback from players but also in which we can test out many of our new features, some of which, like this one, are quite technically complex.

If you find yourself overly frustrated by the chaotic nature of beta, whether it's from cross-realm testing, broken quests or class bugs, my suggestion would be to wait until we launch. It's not worth getting frustrated over. You'll have plenty of opportunities to explore Pandaria.