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#0 - 2010/10/27 12:10:31 PM
With previous 2 expansions we saw atleast 1 new realm around a month before launch. Are there any plans to release any new realms would be nice have start over on a fresh realm.

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#6 - 2010/10/27 02:24:39 PM
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Q: Are you planning on opening any new realms very soon?
A: Unless there's a sticky thread about it in the General forum or news about it on the website; no.

Q: When will you open new realms?
A: New realms are opened as other realms of the same type (PvE/Normal, PvP, RP, RP PvP) fill up. The goal is to always be able to have the Recommended tag on a given number of PvE/Normal and PvP realms, and avoid having all RP and RP PvP realms tagged as Full.