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#0 - 2010/10/16 02:18:49 AM
currently warriors major cooldown shieldwall is the only one offering 40% reduction on 2 min. the other classes get 60% (50% for pallies I think) on the same CD. Enraged regen is inly available when enraged and tats not 100% of the time for prot warriors anymore. This means one of our Oh **!# buttons is proc based and can no longer be considered a oh **!# button. On top of that currently shield block (our minor Cd) is next to useless. I have 81% Combined miss+dodge+parry+block (83% if I include my racial). Therefore our CD effectively increases your chance to block 30% physical damage by 19%. All the other tanks get 100% chance to block 20% damage. And stacking more mastery our best mitigation stat (which only gets better in in the next beta patch) further decreases the effectiveness of shield block.

This is not an issue at only 80 either. According to a warrior who did the calculation at the end of teir 11 (first raid tier in cata) warriors will have approximately the same/slightly higher combined avoidance meaning shield block will be useless as a avoidance CD around 1/2 way through tier 2.

my suggestion are
buff shieldwall to be 60% or 50% damage reduction and change glypg to extent it by 2-3 sec
tack on 5-7% damage reduction when shield block is active to make it better at high levels of avoidance.
remove the enraged requirement for enraged regen or take berserker rage off the GCD so we can macro them together

the following are the current issues with prot warrior tank Cds
shieldwall - only offers 40% damage redcution compared to 50% and 60% for other classes on same cd
Enraged Regen - requires a proc based mechanic which is not up 100% of the time to use making it a problem
shieldblock - extremely lackluster due to how it interacts with the hit table and warrior mastery

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#189 - 2010/10/27 01:20:43 AM
Any attack which can be blocked should also be able to be critically blocked. If this does not happen, it's a bug. We will investigate e.g. Marrowgar Saber Lash and Sindragosa's Cleave.

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#191 - 2010/10/27 01:30:48 AM
Q u o t e:
Are you looking into Shield Block being underwhelming at 80, 85 and inbetween?

Any thoughts on changing to the standard 20%, 1 minute implementation?

We feel this is a legit concern, along with block chance for paladins, and something we are looking into. We probably won't go with a standard 20% cooldown, because we think tanks are too similar already. We'll announce our changes when we have agreed upon them.