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#1 - 2012/06/06 07:55:00 PM
LinkedIn has recently stated that it is investigating claims of a possible compromise of user account passwords. Please note that these claims have not been confirmed, and that updates regarding the status of the investigation are currently being provided on LinkedIn's official Twitter page:

If you are a LinkedIn user and happen to use the same password for your LinkedIn account and your account, we strongly encourage you to reset your password at this time. To complete a password reset, go to Account Management > Settings > Change Password. You can also visit this page if you've forgotten or lost your password:

Additionally, if you used your email address to sign up with LinkedIn, you may also wish to update your email address via Account Management as general security precaution. To update your email address, go to Account Management > Settings > Change Email Address.

If you are unable to update your password or email address and believe your account might be compromised, please contact our customer support staff by using the Account Recovery Form. For additional security tips and suggestions, be sure to check out the Account Security Awareness guide at