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#0 - 2010/10/20 01:43:30 PM
Hi everyone, I’m Vaeil, and in the next few posts I’ll try and explain to you how to play a feral in 4.0.1. Before we start, a few notes on this guide:
This guide was written for a level 80 Feral Cat Druid in patch 4.0.1, for a DPS situation in raids and dungeons. This guide should generally not be used for PvP, for leveling, at level 85, as a balance druid, as a rogue, or as anything else it’s clearly not intended to be written for. This guide is NOT intended to explain things. If you you want to know “But why should I gem X”, then don’t bother with this guide.

If you’ve already played feral for some time before 4.0.1; The last post has a short summary. For the rest, the guide is divided into a section about gear, gemming, reforging etc. And a section about your actual DPS cycle.

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#27 - 2010/10/26 11:57:11 AM
Very nice guide :) It's been added to the Druid Guides & Useful Links sticky: