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#1 - 2012/06/04 08:05:00 PM
Glyph of Stampede: Your Stampede no longer summons pets from your stable, and instead uses copies of your current pet.

This glyph seems like it was intended to solve the problem of exotic pets not being summoned when using Stampede in Survival or Marksmanship. It is nice that this problem is being addressed but I think a better job can be done. In Mists one of the goals was to eliminate "required" talents and glyphs giving the player more of a choice. The Glyph of Stampede goes against this idea as of right now. If one has Beast Master as a spec and one carries exotics with them this Glyph becomes mandatory if one is ever to switch to Survival or Marksmanship.

Also I personally believe that this would also ruin the effect of "unleashing the stables" on your foes. Although this is Not Yet Implemented so I cannot say this for sure.


1) One solution would be to have the 5 active pets change when one changes specs. So someone specced as a Beast Master and a Survival hunter can carry exotics and not suffer for it.

2) Another solution would be to allow exotic pets to be usable by any hunter while using Stampede. This would allow the hunter to carry any pet of his or her choice and not suffer for it.

3) A third solution is that instead of calling the pets that the hunter is carrying, Stampede can call pets from the actual stable. If the stable master allowed for the hunter to choose five of his or her pets to call upon when using Stampede it would allow for hunters to carry exotic pets and not suffer.

One last thing about stampede is that it penalizes any hunter who doesn't carry five pets at all times. Personally I prefer to carry four pets incase I run into a cool beast or incase one of my friends tells me there is a rare spawn around so I don't have to run to the stable in order to be able tame it. I feel like Stampede would discourage people from doing this so their dps doesn't suffer if they choose to que for a dungeon or the raid finder.

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#2 - 2012/06/04 08:31:00 PM
The design intent is that Stampede skips over any unusable pets (such as an exotic for a non-BM) hunter or any blank slots (in the case that maybe you left a hole in case you tame something interesting along the way). For any skipped slots, Stampede would just clone your current pet for that slot, so you would still always have 5 pets when you Stampede.

The idea of the glyph is that it would use the clone mechanic all the time. Theoretically, a hunter with only one pet would be wasting the glyph.