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#1 - 2012/06/04 05:19:00 AM
Having everything in one tab has just made it downright frusterating to find any of the spells. I honestly don't understand the logic behind the changes that have been made to the spellbook and i think reverting to the previouse system would make the most sense.

Now i understand that they want to use the spellbook to show the level progression of the three (or four if your a Druid) specs, but i honestly think that should be integrated into the talent window in some way. Rather than changing the spellbook interface to accomodate it. To me it is akin to trying to shove a square block into a circular hole.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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#2 - 2012/06/04 04:43:00 PM
We know from feedback and from testing that dividing spells among 3 tabs felt arbitrary to a lot of players. Some players didn't even realize they had access to some spells. The current design has all of your class spells in alphabetical order, with the exception that active abilities (those you can drag to your bar) come before passive abilities. We would consider a design where the passives are mixed in with the actives. (The general tab is for anything that isn't related to your class, such as racial abilities and things like riding.)

We've seen some ideas from players that we should attempt to categorize class abilities further, such as offensive vs. defensive, or buffs vs. heals, but worry that it would be very challenging to come up with a single organizational scheme that is intuitive to most of our players. I think it's like one of those deals where everyone organizes their hard drive, desktop or email inbox differently. Some people have tons of little categories that make sense to them (key point) and some keep everything in one big bucket. There isn't a one-size fits all scheme that works.