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#0 - 2010/10/22 02:20:33 PM
I was hoping come Cata Priest would somehow become competitive with the "top tier" healers like Paladins and Druids. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. It's the same old game. What takes other classes one click to do, it takes Priest a 100 buttons to perform. Even then, our heals don't match up to the the absurd outputs of the other "top tier" healers. What's even more funny is, classes who are already toping healing charts like Paladins at 85 are getting buffed. While the outcry of Priest mana issues etc.. are being ignored.

I understand, Bliz wants to cater to the masses. After all there are a LOT more Paladins out there then us poor Priest. Maybe we should all be re-rolling Paladins or Druids at this point, because it's obvious that Bliz has no intention of fixing the problems with Priest Healing. Just look at all the ignored priest posts.

Here are healing numbers for 85 content:
Youtube | Paragon | Vodka

World of Logs
Vodka Logs

Horde's Cho'gall parse

Priest, both Holy / Disc are at the bottom of the healing charts, while Paladins / Druids and Shamans take 1-2-3 spots. So what has changed? Nothing really, this is the same healing "philosophy" we have had for some time now. It's ironic that the only class with 2 healing specs, doesn't have one competitive healing spec.

This is 85 content, with the release of Cata only a MONTH AND A HALF AWAY.

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#61 - 2010/10/25 07:12:44 PM
This thread is a lot of crying. That doesn't provide useful information for us.

The posts that dig into the parses a little bit and try to analyze mana costs and which spells seem to be doing too much or too little healing are the most useful. The "Blizzard hates my class" ones are, as always, useless.