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#1 - 2012/05/31 04:55:00 PM
As a long time Shadow Priest, I am extremely sad to see that the graphic was changed for Shadowform.

On live, we have the nice, dark, shadowy purple. We look menacing, like a shadow that will mess your day up if you cross us! The glyph on live keeps the purple tinge, but allows those priests who like to see their gear the ability to see it.

On beta however, we no longer look like dark menacing shadows. We look like dainty spectral forms. And the glyph of shadow is hardly a change over a non-shadowform priest...the only real difference is some very hard to see purple wisps.

Please give us back our awesome menacing shadowform. I feel that the new version on beta definitely takes away the feel of our class/spec.

Also, for those who might not have noticed, here are some pictures to compare Live (without the glyph and with the glyph) to Beta (no shadowform, shadowform without the glyph, and shadowform with it).


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#13 - 2012/05/31 07:40:00 PM
I noticed this on beta, assumed a glitch, I really hope it is.

It is.