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#0 - 2010/10/21 04:17:17 PM
First of all thank you blizzard for the recent blue post regarding hunter dps,but,hunters are still suffering from lots of bugs, including all the pet talent bugs (Dash/charge/Boars speed), and the pet normal abilities like the raptors armor debuff, which doesn't stack more than once, and most of the time raptor doesnt apply it at all, same as the pets states droping to 25% when they are summoned .

So far i love the focus change, it never made sense for a ranged/mele class to have mana, this was one change i was realy looking forward to,that said,our regeneration needs a little buff, and iam not talking about "at lvl 85 everything will be balanced" iam talking about stuff like: when your auto shots get a critical hit, you regenerate 3 focus, or when you have deterrence up and someone attacks you, you get 10 focus for each of their attacks.

Atm hunter pve does low dps, but thats not a problem, since iam sur it will be balanced at 85, but whats realy making me worry is the PVP changes, atm in battle grounds i cant get a kill on a healer with out using BW there is no way i can get a shaman/paladin/druid below 50% hp with out my CDs( i can get them to 40% hp but thats when i ran out of focus, even if i do get them under 20% for a kill shot, KS damage is way to low atm) today in a BG i hit a shaman healer with 3756 kill shot .... my arcane shot does more damage than that.

Focus regenerationrate is good, if you buff it, hunter will become OP, but you need to give us more ways to get focus back, like using deterence to get focus back during AOE boss fights, or when we wing clip/raptor strike a target our shots will cost 5 less focus for 10 sec (as a set bonus to next seasons pvp set?)

i also have 2 request from the blizzard developers

1. is it possible to Make some changes to the hunter talent trees? since most of exotic pets are Ferocity Pets, it will be realy usefull if they got Roar of sacrifice, this is realy helpfull both in pve and pvp, for example if there is a boss fight where the hunter has a dot on him ticking for 5k each sec, he realy has nothing to do about it but to sit there and hope the healer will heal him, while other classes have lots of CDs they can pop to reduce the damage taken.

2. MM signature is bleed effects, survival has elemental damage ,but BM has nothing, i was hoping if you consider puting armor pen in BMs talent tree, or in kill command, for example a 20% armor reduction , since my kill command is hitting for 1.7k or 3 k on prot paladin/holy paladins/prot warriors.the 20% armor reduction isnt a big buff to hunter class vs casters, since they dont have that much armor to begin with, but it realy helps us vs classes with tons of armor.

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#2 - 2010/10/21 04:55:19 PM