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#0 - 2010/10/16 11:36:26 PM
Since the patch came to life, battlegrounds, my only way of exping, has become simply unplayable. PvP was definitely one of the most fun factors and so were battlegrounds, but right now the only thing I, and many others, can do is:

Enter -> run out of the base -> die -> ress -> die on your gy.

Why? Because rogues one-shot everyone. It doesn't matte what level rogue is and who he's trying to kill. It's same story. Stealth->ambush->stealth. There's no way we can see them, nothing can be done. Not even a priest or a warlock with instant fear has a chance.

Damage they deal is insane. I had my voidwalker up, Soul Link active, Demon Armor active *and* sacrifice turned on. I have full heirloom gear. And hey, guess what, rogue lvl 41 one one-shotted me with quite decent overkill.

Mage level 44 running with flag with priest and druid buffs, including HoTs - same story. Doesn't even matter if you're mounted - they just sprint up to you and sap you, then wait for the heck of it, then kill.

It's ridiculous, it makes battlegrounds not only fun-less but also irritating.

And frankly, I don't care if game's not supposed to be balanced around these levels. It's not like levelling to 80 takes 2 days. People who have other things to do level for month, or two. Or more. And they pay for this time and if they choose to enjoy their game-time PvPing they should be given a chance to do so. Getting 1 shotted (or 3 shotted + stunlocked if they're wearing plate) is NOT fun :P

Ferals seem to also wreck havoc, but not nearly as ridiculous as rogues atm. Please, do something about this ASAP. It's vital to allow many players to enjoy their low-lvl PvP (though my friend who has a rogue lvl 80 told me today that he easily kills any cloth in stunlock not giving them a chance to hit one button so it doesn't seem like it's that much better there).

I understand that there will always be some kind of counter class and for cloth it's rogue, but for gods' sake - counter class means it's harder to beat them, not being unable to face them. Or even run from them on a 100% mount. Lol.

Thank you for reading this (I sure hope you did). Please fix this before WSG call to arms next week!

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#87 - 2010/10/21 01:15:32 PM
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