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#0 - 2010/10/14 11:41:32 PM
I'm sure that hundreds of you are now aware that both rogue's and feral druid's are just stupid at the moment, for a perfect example iv leveled through the 20 PvP bracket and the 30 PvP bracket over the last day.

20-29 PvP - average health 1.1k, Average rogue hit 1200, with zerk 1500.

now i'm no rocket scientist, but Jesus Christ? .. surely blizz? this must be a mistake..

30-39 PvP - average health 2k, average rogue hit 1800- with berserking 2k + , i just got 2.8k'd in 30-39 PvP with only 1800 hp myself, now this is just insane.

feral druids are also hitting roughly the same amount! slightly lower, but still a 65%+ 1 hit ratio, and because both class's have talents which make there "ambush" style spells above a 60% Crit its just madness.

solution : just slightly lower the damage on 1-40 .. maybe further up the 50s and 60s if necessary .. but do something, because this 1hitting business is outrageous.

if this keeps up, we may as well call the game "Welcome To RogueCraft" hope that everyone supports this, and this gets lowered .. thanks for your time guys, and leave your comments!

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#161 - 2010/10/19 04:12:37 PM
This thread seems to have run its course. Try to keep discussions constructive please.