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4.0.1 Survival Guide for Fury

Stat Budgets
Hit Rating (to 8% Soft Cap) > Expertise (to 22 (172 Rating) Hard Cap) > Strength > Hit Rating (to 27% Hard Cap) > Haste Rating > Crit Rating > Mastery

Yes, mastery is terrible right now for Fury. Yes, that much hit rating really is beneficial.

The reasoning behind the disregard for critical strike is explained in the rotation section.

Talents & Glyphs
1) Go to your class trainer and learn Plate Specialisation and Mastery.
2) If you don't have the Glyphs of Bloodthirst, Raging Blow and Slam. Go find/purchase them.
3) Find Dust of Disappearence in case you need to replace glyphs. This Dust is sold cheaply at the Inscription Vendor and by Scribes on the Auction House.
4a) Re-spec to a variance of this build:
4b) The points in Skirmisher are movable to whatever you like and the Major/Minor glyphs are both negotiable to your preference. The Prime glyphs however are compulsory.

1) Regem all of your red sockets to +20str
2) Place +10str +10haste gems into your yellow sockets.
3) Place +10str +10hit gems into your blue sockets. Hit rating is a blue gem now.
4) Place a +21 crit +3% crit damage meta into your helm if you don't have one already. The +21 agility +3% crit damage meta which was previously superior is now no longer viable due to the arrival of the strength/hit gem; making the advantage of only needing 1 blue gem void.

- If your an engineer. Engineering tinkers (Nitro Boosts, Hyperspeed Accelerators and Flexweave Underlay) all now stack with regular enchants. Meaning you'll want to use both.
- The only other significant change is that the Precision (+20 hit rating) Glove enchant has gone up in value, and surpassed the Crusher (+44 attack power) enchant provided you are below the hit hard cap.

1) Go to one of the reforging trainers. They're near the enchanting trainer in every major city.
2a) If your under the expertise cap then reforge your critical strike rating to expertise until you reach it.
2b) If your over the expertise cap, reforge your expertise to hit rating.
3) Next, find all the gear your wearing with critical strike rating on that you didn't reforge already, and then reforge the critical strike on those pieces into hit rating (this will be most of your gear).
4) If an item already has just haste rating and hit rating on it, then you don't need to reforge it. You can't reforge to stats that are already on your gear and these are your best two reforgable stats.
5) If an item only has haste rating on it then reforge the haste rating to hit rating.

Make a macro and replace your Slam button with it:
Q u o t e:

#showtooltip Slam
/cast Slam

This will help with any Slams you press accidently, by cancelling them as soon as they are cast (Slam is now usable whilst moving and cannot be cancelled by moving and jumping).

Single target:
Big changes to our rotation. Essentially, Heroic Strike is your primary ability now as it hits extremely hard and hits consistently hard with 3/3 Incite. Incite also decreases the value of critical strike (due to being able to guarantee a crit with Heroic Strike) which is why we reforged all our crit away earlier.

So essentially:
- Spam Heroic Strike. Your rage dumps are Bloodthirst and Raging Blow, with Bloodthirst being the priority.
- You will very rarely get the chance to use Slam, it's very inefficient and should only be used when your both high on rage and have a gap enough in your rotation.
- Spam Execute when the boss is at 20%. It's your most powerful ability right now by miles and should be used as a #1 priority. Heroic Strike becomes your #2 priority, but remember that it can be used at the same time as Execute, being off the GCD.

- Spam Cleave and Whirlwind. Cleave against at least 2 targets and Whirlwind when approaching 5/6. By the time you reach those 5/6+ targets Whirlwind becomes the priority in terms of rage to damage conversion.
- Use Bloodthirst & Raging Blow over 60 rage.


  • Should I consider using Single-Minded Fury?

  • Not really, no. At the moment there are no well itemised weapons for SMF Warriors; they're all either tanking weapons, agility weapons, too quick or PvP. Black Bruise is a 264/277 one-hander which could work but then your left without an off-hand as it's main-hand only. Once Cataclysm hits SMF should become a lot more viable.

  • Wait, I can't get Deep Wounds! Does that mean our 2pc T10 bonus is useless?

  • Yes, it's useless for Fury right now. Essentially this is the only Warrior set bonus that hasn't been 'fixed'. It is possible that Blizzard didn't want to risk leaving Arms behind Fury again and gave Arms an added bonus that won't apply at level 85; temporary balancing so-to-speak.

  • So does that make T10 useless now?

  • No.The 4pc bonus is +5% damage, which is more than enough of a bonus to compensate for the loss of the 2pc. Losing out on that 5% damage would be a larger loss to your dps than using set pieces over potentially better itemised off set pieces. Basically: aim for the 4pc as normal, but if your choosing between 2/3 pieces of T10 and 2/3 pieces of better itemised non-tier items then go for the non-tier in the short term.

  • I've noticed my threat seems out of control in comparason to 3.3.5. Is this intended or is it just me?

  • It's intended. With the changes to Tricks/Misdirect (ie. becoming temporary buffs as opposed to permanent threat) and with the changes to Whirlwind you will likely find yourself watching your threat more carefully. For raids, if you are continually over-aggroing at the start of the fight I recommend simply installing Omen and finding out a good numerical amount of threat the tank should reach before you start your damage.

  • Is our damage competitive right now?

  • Yes. I'm personally getting on the higher end of the meters and I don't seem to be an exception based on my experiences with speaking and raiding with other Warriors. Since the recent buffs (post 4.0.1) Fury Warriors have been competitive in comparison to most classes. If you feel weak it's likely because you haven't sorted your gear/talents out or you haven't had enough time to practice your rotation. AoE damage I personally feel is a concern simply due to Whirlwind being on a 10 second cooldown, and Cleave only hitting 2/3 targets but that is a mild issue when considering most current encounters.

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