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#1 - 2012/05/19 06:04:00 AM
inq glyph is a dps loss in every single case scenario; from players that barely use inq(brain-dead bads) to players that have 100% inq uptime(hardcore raiders).
inq glyph will be only useful to spot and kick bads from pugs; any ret with inq glyph will be kicked.
the glyph is just a bad design, creating something that will be a dps loss in every case scenario is a waste of resources that could be used to fix bugs(fix the 25 day judgement bug please) or
creating new things(new pets, items, skills).

could we have useful and cool glyphs like 'gag order' or 'icy touch' please?

Game Designer
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#4 - 2012/05/19 05:59:00 PM
This glyph isn't supposed to be a no-brainer for DPS. Hopefully none of the glyphs are. :)

At the risk of sounding more patronizing than I intend, a common mistake I see some players make is to look at maximum possible theoretical DPS and assume that is the DPS they can achieve. We have the numbers we think every class can achieve under ideal situations (meaning no movement or distractions, etc.). The best players in the world can deliver on these numbers while executing very complex boss fights. That's a little mind boggling for us, but it's true. Very few players are capable of such feats however.

For the rest of us, our hope is that it works out like this:

1) Expert player who foregoes the Glyph of Inquisition, executes Inquisition uptime perfectly, and delivers 99% of max possible DPS.

2) Intermediate player who sometimes struggles with maintaining Inquisition, takes the glyph, and delivers 75% of max possible DPS.

3) Player who thinks he is more expert than he is, skips the Glyph of Inquisition because that's what all the cool kids do, finds as a result that he struggles with Inquisition uptime, and delivers 60% of Mac possible DPS.

Don't take my percentage numbers too seriously, but you get the idea. Many classes have similar glyphs. My advice is to measure your DPS (in an actual encounter or PvP) and see whether you benefit or not. The rotations that works for the best players (of any class) may not work for everyone.