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#0 - 2010/10/14 07:53:34 AM
Hi all,

let's say i decided to put some of my money in ammo pouches and quivers to sell them on AH and make some profit

let's say that Blizzard then announces that with next patch those will be useless because of removing ammos from the game (making my stack of pouches and quivers unsellable at AH)

let's say Blizzard decides to replace them with normal bags

i have few questions now

1. why do the 28 arrow ones has become 20 slots bags while the 28 bullets one have become 18 slots bags?

2. is it fair that i become my ammo pouches and quivers, which cost on my AH around 300/400g each, replaced by bags that go on my server for 30g (the 20 ones) or don't sell at all (the 18 one)?

to be honest i would have expected to see them replaced by at least 22 slots bags ... at least ...

it is not for the gold itslef, i can farm 3k g in few days i guess (i am not bothered into it to be honest), but i simply can't find it fair as i think it wouldn't have been hard for Blizzard to find a better solution than the bugged one they decided to apply

or am i wrong in something?

thank you for your attention

edit: typos and grammar :P

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#7 - 2010/10/14 10:05:30 AM
Q u o t e:
I did see that clarified somewhere else, that it means a green quiver for example will get converted into a bag with the amount of slots that a green bag might have, even if that quiver had more. A 24 slot bag would be purple, a green one would be 16-20 or something.

Indeed. Normal bags received from the conversion of a quiver/ammo bag have their slot count determined by the quality of the ammo bag, not the amount of slots in the ammo bag.