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#1 - 2012/05/12 02:33:00 AM
I find it so funny that every class but shaman have had a blue post to update them/or atleast let them know they are being looked at .
Shaman have a lot of prob's as do other class's but have yet to told told anything it is a problem that they have faced every xpac .

I also find it funny that some of these class thread's are not even asking a general question's about the class just saying blizz messed this up or does'nt care and bam a blue post .
Most of the shaman thread's have very good info and ask very general questions yet nothing , wait I take that back we do get blue posts in other class thread's.

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#58 - 2012/05/12 07:02:00 PM
Beta is a very selfish time for us. The developers are more interested in collecting the information we need (whether it's how a rotation feels or how stable the beta servers are) than we are in disseminating information out to you guys.

I make no effort to say "Yep, I answered a shaman thread today, so those guys will feel loved." I go to where there is information that we are currently looking for. Maybe tomorrow there will be an Elemental issue that we are really stuck on and need feedback from players. I can't predict that.

If you make a big deal about where I or any blue posts, the eventual result isn't going to be tons of posts for everyone -- it's going to be no posts for anyone. That just makes it harder to do our jobs. :(

Please, just post your feedback. If you have done so, then we are grateful.

Please, let me spend my limited forum posting bandwidth on class or combat issues, not whether you feel neglected or not.