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#1 - 2012/05/11 06:47:00 PM
WHC_DK_2 - Death Knights are now less overpowered.

I'm a bit late to this since I saw this just today, and they've been out for a few days now, but...

What is this I don't even..?

I'm incensed.

Honestly, what is the purpose of this? If you want to have a little fun that's fine, but, that looks very much like you've called all DKs QQers and said that we're overpowered, and it's in the datamined client strings from the beta -- ie. that's part of the actual WoW Client from YOU, Blizzard.

I'm not even going to make a response to either of those statements because I can't be sure that you intended that, but if you're going to start poking fun at our entire class then I don't know what to say.

At the very least don't include bull!@#$ like that until after you've started to pay attention to our class and our concerns, since we've received pretty much no attention yet in this entire beta, our list of concerns is only growing and we're seeing a repeat of the Cataclysm beta where we're already telling you everything that's wrong with our class and maybe you'll get around to fixing us by the time patch 5.2 hits.

Seriously Blizzard? Seriously? I expect immaturity and trolling from the players of your game but to see it actually come from your own mouth. Incensed is the least of it.

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#34 - 2012/05/12 01:00:00 AM
I'm not losing too much sleep, but for Warlocks they've had a huge set of changes and information and it's clear that they haven't been forgotten. It's not even hyperbole that Blizzard isn't listening to us, look at the notes. Look at the changes. Warlocks know they're being taken care of. We don't.

This is a tough issue for us to solve as far as forum discussions go, because we think some classes need larger changes than others. There will be some DK changes, but overall we don't think they have the spec identity problems that the warlock changes were largely intended to address.

It may not seem fair to classes or specs that aren't undergoing as many changes, but we try very hard not to monkey around with things just for the sake of changing systems that we think work. I'd agree that every class needs a little bit of newness in an expansion, but there is a lot of that from the talents and glyphs. That said, I will try to carve off some time to address some DK concerns.