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#1 - 2012/05/07 06:07:00 AM
What is with this pvp power stat.. it made my cata set worthless!
I have 50% resil and 50% power on my gear... i rather have more resil!
i have freaking 1.7k resil with full cata/ruth gear on me.. im so squishy in pvp its not funny!

Apparently i'm one of the only ret pallies who's set went THIS crappy.

(These are stats at lvl 85, not any higher)

I don't like this.. and if/when pvp power goes live (if it is in the pre-release patch like mastery was for cata) i would want my pvp gear switched so i can you know... TAKE DAMAGE IN PVP WITHOUT DYING?

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#13 - 2012/05/07 07:34:00 PM
You will have less resilience on your gear coming into beta. However, you will also have some base resilience and that base should offset the PvP power that everyone is getting. The net result should be that you take about the same damage you do today in a PvP setting, but will take less damage from someone not wearing PvP gear.

Currently on your beta build, I believe the ratio of power to resilience is off. You should have more resilience and less power than you do.

It is entirely possible that some new talents or spell changes will result in too much burst damage in isolated cases, but when giving feedback, it's useful for us if you distinguish between those and survivability in PvP in general.