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#1 - 2012/05/04 02:40:00 PM

Why do I have to waste a global cooldown on a GCD capped class in pvp just to hit a weapon swap macro so I can reflect 1 spell every 30 seconds? Most of the time I reflect something useless like a water elemental bolt, or a fireblast. With latency I wind up triggering the cooldown of reflect, having the icon/buff present but STILL getting polymorphed/cloned/Hexed etc.. To make matter worse, I have to incur a 2nd global cooldown swapping back to my 2 handed weapon.

This sucks! You really know how to suck the fun out of a class. Everyone wants to be making macros to put useless shields on so we have a 10% chance of reflecting a CC if our latency is lower than 200ms.

There is STILL nothing to do when a shield is equiped - there is no shield play in the game anymore - YOU REMOVED IT. Why are we still putting shields on WHEN YOU REMOVED ALL OUR ABILITIES TO USE THEM??? What are you thinking? How is 30 seconds justified?

This ability needs to be usable with a 2hr if its going to be a 30s CD. Or it needs to be a duration of 3 seconds and reflect all incoming spells. It needs a buff. The power of the ability needs to line up with the cooldown and complete lack of damage we put out when we have a shield on.

Cmon Blizzard, commit to the shield play idea or leave it to prot but I am sick of macros on my global cooldown capped class just to use a single ability - its ridiculous.

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#28 - 2012/05/05 06:36:00 PM
Spell Reflect is one of those mechanics that always feels weak to the warrior and overpowered to everyone else. We ran a bunch of internal BGs and Arenas and it was pretty universal that the casters were constantly having everything reflected if there was a warrior in the area.

We're still tweaking the Mass Spell Reflect talent. We want it to feel awesome, and we think that is a good way for warriors who want to be great at reflection to be able to make that commitment. Our current thought is that Mass Spell Reflect is a new ability (meaning that you'd have both spell reflects) and doesn't require a shield. We like that seeing the warrior strap on a shield signals to the caster that reflection is a risk -- the alternative is that sometimes your spells just bounce back at you, seemingly at random. That logic works for the core Spell Reflect, but already doesn't work with Mass, because you don't see the shield for the warrior's allies. Decoupling the two spells also lets us individually tweak their durations and cooldowns.