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#1 - 2012/05/04 04:32:00 PM
i have ran the dungeons from 85-87 and not a single piece of cloth healer gear dropped and thus im still in full 85 ds gear and ive gotten two whole levels, as a result my heals are getting very weak, you need to add some cloth healing gear blizz, please.

this is probably going to get ignored but hey its worth a shot ^_^

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#11 - 2012/05/05 05:48:00 PM
Our item designers spend a lot of effort making sure there is gear for everyone, so if you haven't seen a specific piece you might have just gotten unlucky.

Note however that healer cloth is any cloth without hit on it. If you are expecting Spirit on every single piece, you might be disappointed. If you did manage to get Spirit on every single piece, you might find that your regeneration is higher than you really need for level up content. We know we can't make the level up dungeons super challenging, or players will just skip them and quest instead (given that even the most awesome level up dungeon gear won't last very long, so it's not possible to offer high reward for high risk).

As you are nearing level 90, and start gearing for end game content, stats for healers and survival stats for tanks start to become more important and you should find more of them.

Also, don't neglect the vendors. Their gear isn't best in slot by any stretch, but can be useful to fill any holes if you missed a piece or have just been unlucky.