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#1 - 2012/05/02 11:56:00 PM
Ok, I submitted a ticket for this, but since the wait time right now is apparently 23 days... I thought I'd try and get a swifter response seeing as how this is a fresh issue for me.

After about six hours of being offline, I logged in to discover that I was missing a lot of items. My bank had been pretty much emptied, as had my backpack (although a few things such as archaeology items had been left). Not everything of worth was gone. I also had a few items that had not been picked up from auction house in my mailbox that had been deleted - in fact, my entire mailbox was emptied, including the mails from children's week npc's. From my backpack, I lost two additional armour sets but curiously that did not include the one I was wearing. The only thing I lost from what I was wearing was a guild tabard.

Other odd things were the fact that the characters on my account had been shuffled around, and the albino drake mount had been moved into my hotbar, replacing another skill. I also had a marginally higher sum of money when I logged in.

A lot of this seems random. I have no addons to speak of, and I am not aware of any dodgy downloads. Is this a bug or have I been hacked? Thanks for any responses.

Also, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, I wasn't too sure >.>

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#11 - 2012/05/03 04:50:00 PM
It does indeed sound like your account was unfortunately compromised Relmar and you did the right thing in raising an in-game petition about it.

As Ananda kindly points out, the waiting time is a display issue and you should be contacted much sooner than that. :)

While you are waiting please do follow the links that have been provided and I hope that everything gets sorted quickly and that you do not find yourself this situation again. :)