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#1 - 2012/05/02 05:41:00 PM
After looking at the recent Beta build and what Wowhead had for Paladins (talents/class specialization), I noticed that Hammer of the Righteousness was taken out. Any idea why this was taken out? Did it cause Rets to deal too high of AE damage with the other utilities we have?

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#6 - 2012/05/02 11:01:00 PM
Sanctity of Battle still works for Hammer of the Righteous as Retribution. That was probably a tooltip change for Protection.

Many of our tooltips have conditional clauses that are apparently difficult to data mine. Thus we see a lot of "changes" reported that aren't changes at all.

In this case, we added a couple of spells to Sanctity of Battle, that then made the tooltip hard to read because it was just a random list of spells. So we made the tooltip conditional for each spec to only list spells and abilities relevant to them. Holy doesn't see Hammer of the Righteous for Sanctity of Battle because they don't have that ability.

I point all this out just to say that you shouldn't jump to conclusions when you read data-mined patch notes. Verify how the mechanic actually works in beta before heading for the forums.