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#1 - 2012/04/19 12:03:00 AM
Yesterday I got back to beta and here are the issues I've found:

- Breath of Fire glyph
Currently. it's disorient effect doesn't have a diminish return .. So you can pretty much disorient everything in front of you for 3 seconds every 6sec or so ..

It's just a "little" op .. so before it gets nerfed in a dumb way, i'd much rather see it fixed.

- Interrupt
Seriously .. why this skill STILL have 25 sec cooldown AND a cost?

You guys are REALLY going to gamble on this? Just so we can come here down the road in fights where interrupts are needed and it will be a major issue ... and say: we told you so.

it's beyond me why this hasn't been fixed yet .. it's a guaranteed headache down the road just for the sake of having a "flavourish/weaker" interrupt.

it's not even a tradeof .. like "here, have this interrupt with a cost, but more powerfull". It's just flat out "have this weaker interrupt, when everyone have it on lower CD and cost free ... it will be fun!"

- Rotation

It's glacial slow .. I can see birds migration in between my key presses. With 15 sec power strike we could ALMOST have a good rotation (almost .. it still had a lot of blank spaces) .. now it got nerfed, likely because of windwalkers swimming in resources, and brewmasters got nothing in return.

We are talking about this since forever ... the rotation is [email protected]#$%^- SLOW. We still have to syphon most of our resources to BoK, because it's the best choice by eons .. and when you have limited resources (enphasys on the "limited") and a few choices you'll always going to pick the best one and forsake the rest.

I'm not even talking about BoK uptime .. but rotation feels SO slow, that so far what i'm doing is:

- KS > BoK and accept 1-2 sec gap in between BOK refreshes.
- in the 8 seconds between that I have enough resources to perform TWO attacks. Jab > TP.

I'm pressing something (given that things to miss, and god forbid you if KS misses) every 2-3 sec .. it's downright crap.

we NEED something in return from power strikes nerfs .. In those new builds, killing mobs is SO painfully slow that i'm getting the point where I just aggro half a dozen mobs and cheese them with SCK > BoF and enjoy my almost perma disable .. because killing one at a time is taking up to 20 seconds ..

We already got mechanics in place .. things are working etc .. now how about that rotation tweaks and number tunning?

ps. One thing that I found REALLY underwhelming are monk glyphs .. as a mistweaver I honestly only applied 1 major glyph because the others felt useless or pvp oriented .. and brewmasters have really dull choices ..

- improve clash by 10y .. major glyph? really?
- BoF is mandatory for non-bosses .. the disorient is too good to pass.
- Fort Brew is meh ..
- the other one from fort brew (the one related to bleed) is ok .. but I don't really remember many bleed effects on pve.
- Leer of the ox .. ok ..
- SCK moving at 100% speed is okaish

and that's it .. there's like 5 choices where 2 are useless and the rest is like "whatever" .. not really relevant choices ..

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#161 - 2012/05/01 10:05:00 PM
  • We've been doing a slight rework of some of the Brewmaster's mechanics. In an upcoming build all attacks done to the Brewmaster will be staggered, and we're adding UI to show you the "level" of your stagger (high, medium or low), so that you can know when you should use Purifying Brew. This design will give you the choice of clearing your stagger stack with Purifying Brew, or continue to push damage into your Stagger stack using Blackout Kick.
  • We're going to attach the Brewmaster to Parry more. Parry will passively cause a counterattack effect causing damage, and using Blackout Kick will now cause your Stagger % (as in, the amount of damage being staggered) and Parry % to increase.
  • We still need to give the Brewmaster better defense against magic. This will either be a passive damage reduction or some rework of an ability.
  • We're going to make defensive cooldowns all "Chi-free", including the talents.
  • We're going to change Spinning Crane Kick to not cost Chi, but Energy/Mana over time.
  • We will do a polish pass on the interrupt (Spear hand strike) and snare (Disable). That said, Disable is a bit superfluous for the Brewmaster because of Dizzying Haze.