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#0 - 2010/10/07 07:48:52 PM
I've noticed on the PTR with a Word of Glory centric build that includes Protector of the Innocent (probably a brokenly powerful talent?), that I didn't have to do a lot to hold AoE threat.

In fact, Word of Glory and Protector of the Innocent were doing so much threat that I was able to hold AoE threat without using Consecration or Holy Wrath at all, and using all my holy power on healing myself.

Surely this can't be intended. The heal feels about the right size, but *only* if we have to give up significant threat to use it. That's currently not the case, especially after the latest tank threat buff.

I don't feel the Word of Glory heal is overpowered, but I do feel like the threat it generates is. I'd suggest other players try and confirm this and the development team look into it.

In fact, if ShoR didn't have such a high crit rate, Word of Glory would almost be threat-neutral to use as long as you don't overheal with it. Yikes. This is really, really bad news.

I don't think heal-tanking should be viable.

A simple change would be "Word of Glory no longer generates threat." Similar to the change that Judgement of Light got when it existed.

Another change that's less drastic might be the tooltip and mechanics change to Word of Glory, "This is a low-threat ability." Much like Binding Heal is.

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#37 - 2010/10/08 04:12:17 AM
This is the kind of thing we're still messing around with. We want Protection to be able to use Word of Glory occasionally in emergencies or to help the healers out, but we are aware that if it's too potent, paladins will just tank by healing themselves (either because of threat generation or mana savings).

We also need to make sure that the AP coefficient for the heal isn't affected by Vengeance.