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#0 - 2010/10/07 08:27:48 PM
haw come usa player get for 35 euro cheaper then eu players for cata exp collector edtition?

this is stupid pay 70 collector or normal just cost 40 euro .

collector bonus pet/mouse pad/dvd/book are this is joke blizz?

\are eu players dif.ppl then usa players?(waiting from blue answers)de

i understand if they make collector edition unique mount be cool (then i be buy )

sry for my english

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#10 - 2010/10/07 02:34:28 PM
Q u o t e:

Cataclysm in US is going to cost $39.99 for normal version and $79.99 for collectors version
Cataclysm in EU is going to cost €34.99 for normal and €69.99 for collectors version.

So, it is "exactly" same.


As Sakkii demonstrates, there's no huge difference in price between the EU and the US, locking this thread.