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#1 - 2012/04/19 01:07:00 PM
In beta I miss the totem for the setting up totem sets and easy drop 4 totems at once and then go to town on the mob/boss. Now we are back to dropping one totem at a time and by the time we drop them all we got to drop them again due to the very short totem timers.
If totem mobility was an issue that is simply solved by creating a new ability call totem spirits which transforms your totems into spirits temporary which circle around you and gives you buff you need as you move.

Shamans love:

1. They love their totems lasting a long time while rocking the mobs with spells.

2. They love putting all 4 totems down at once and pulling all of them at once.

3 Totem mobility is easily solved by creating totem spirits which do same thing at totems but moveable.

Please be move creative than current build of shaman, I'll be watching. Because if this is state of shaman going to live, I'll be retiring my shaman.

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#5 - 2012/04/19 04:54:00 PM
Not the most informative title, there.

Shaman have been telling us for years that they don't find buff totems fun. Back when the shaman role was essentially to buff the other classes, the design worked okay, but now that we have moved shaman into being a "real" healer and damage-dealer, we also gave plenty of other classes and specs buff capacities of their own, which rarely have the downsides of totems. Another concern was that shaman out questing while solo felt that having to drop 4 totems every boar kill got to be a drag.

We are trying in 5.0 to shift totems over to cooldowns that are more situational but that you'll actually feel. It's hard to feel the effects of Strength of Earth Totem.

However, we have a large and diverse audience, and we understand that there are shaman players out there who enjoyed dropping 4 buff totems and that that made them feel like a shaman. It's hard to reconcile that desire with the desire of others not to have buff totems, but we hear you.