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#1 - 2012/04/13 09:20:00 PM
The new spell book is a little overwhelming. Sifting through 6 pages of spells to find my active abilities seems unnecessary.

Can we go back to having a page for guild perks?

Can we go back to having a passive/racial/profession page?

Can we go back to having an active page for our current spec?

I liked it much better when the talent specialization pages listed all the abilities you would get for choosing said specializations, instead of having them all in my spell book.

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#5 - 2012/04/13 09:51:00 PM
To clarify, the new spellbook has 4 tabs (5 if you have a pet or are a druid).

The first tab is general, and contains riding, armor skills, languages and guild perks.
The second tab is your current spec tab. It contains all of the spells -- class and spec, active and passive -- that apply to your character.

The other 2-3 tabs are for other specs. They contain all of the spells (class and spec) that those specs can use. If you want to know if e.g. both Holy and Shadow have Power Word: Shield, you can look on those tabs.

We are currently still sorting spells within a tab by active and then passive, but we may merge them back together if the active vs. passive thing proves confusing.

This design is different from the spellbook on live, which classified every spell as belonging to a spec. This made some sense for say mages, whose spells tend to all have fire, frost or arcane theming, but didn't work well for many other classes. Sinister Strike is on the Combat tab, but Eviscerate is on the Assassination tab. Garrote is Assassination, but Sap is Subtlety. Super intuitive, huh?

We understand that putting lots of spells on one tab is overwhelming, but arbitrarily dividing spells onto multiple pages is confusing. There's no clear win either way.