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#1 - 2012/04/11 04:43:00 PM
Brewmasters and Windwalkers are the new Survival Hunters. None of the attacks deal weapon damage. This probably won't be the hugest deal for Brewmasters, but Windwalkers will quickly be outpaced by every other class, since all melee and Hunters scale with weapon damage, in addition the three secondaries, unlike Monks.

I know you are hesitant to pick a single weapon type Blizz, but this is more important than getting the choice of a pretty princess mace or a wacky magician stave. We already know the choice will be whatever drops from the current raid, but without attacks scaling from weapon damage, Windwalkers will start out strong and fall behind quickly.

Is anything being done? Or will Monks be the new Survival Hunters?

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#3 - 2012/04/11 08:46:00 PM
All Monk attacks scale with weapon damage and AP, but tooltips won't list the weapon damage % or AP coefficient. Tooltips will just list the expected damage value. Behind the scenes, we account for your weapon DPS to determine the damage that your attacks will do, making it so that you can choose whatever weapon type you want (Dual Wield or 2-Hand, for example).

That said, a number of attacks right now don't have proper scaling or damage values as the design of the abilities are still in flux.