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#0 - 2010/09/30 04:57:58 AM
I'm not really understanding the reasoning or necessity behind increasing the mana costs for CS.

Even using divine plea every cooldown, and not using Consecration *at all*, and Judging every time the Judgement cooldown was done, I was still running OOM when soloing and also when beating on a target dummy.

I don't understand why this change would be made, it only hurts leveling and questing, and has little to no impact on raiding or pvp. I didn't have the same mana issues while tanking a test server Sartharion or any of the trash.

Are paladins now supposed to have to worry about 3 different types of resources? Holy Power, Cooldowns, and Mana?
Don't melee classes who have to worry about resources like mana or rage have spammable attacks that are limited by the resource in question and not cooldowns?

The whole thing feels sort of broken for me and rather unpleasant.

If the intent was to get us to stop using Consecration on single targets, there were other ways of doing that (like increasing the mana cost of just that spell).

The worst part is, we have to now give up a major interesting glyph (the only real interesting glyphs are majors) for a mandatory -30% mana cost on Crusader Strike. This feels bad.

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#15 - 2010/09/30 06:24:41 PM
We don't want paladins to be constantly mana starved but we also think it's silly if the blue bar is just taking up space on your screen and irrelevant to anything you do. We recently increased the mana given by Judgements of the Wise, and we could bump that again as necessary.

We want resources to matter for tanks, just less so than for other roles, since tanks have a lot of other things to manage.