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#0 - 2010/09/28 06:02:29 PM
When im on the Beta forums, i get the error: "You have no active Cataclysm Beta Account attached"
i do have a Beta account, and have a char on the a beta server, both one i made and a copy from the live server. Anything i can do to get it to work, so i can start posting?


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#7 - 2010/09/30 09:20:02 AM
Q u o t e:
Maybe you're on the US forums? If you have an EU account, you will get that error on the US forums.
English language EU players share the same Cataclysm beta forums with the US, so if someone has the Cataclysm beta on their EU account, they should be able to access them.

Maybe you've only just got beta access and it's just taking a little while to update the database the forum references? If so, it might take a few days to work. If that's not it, though, or if you still have issues after a few days, we might be able to investigate a bit more if you contact us via our webform:

Good luck!