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#1 - 2012/04/06 06:39:00 PM
Playing through with my shaman a bit I have noticed a massive drop in over all damage. Especially with regards to Windfury, and lava lash.

I know that there is a damage squish happening, but I was hoping for an explanation about why Frostbrand is doing more PVE damage than Windfury, and certainly more PVP damage than Windfury. And the damage from lava lash is now what I could officially call, pathetic. I am seeing 27k lava lashes with 5 stack searing non-crit, where on live it is in the upper 40's for a non-crit.

I was hoping everyone was suffering such a huge loss on their core abilities but after talking to people, this is not the case.

Our survivability is the best its ever been though, as a side note.

Game Designer
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#3 - 2012/04/07 05:18:00 AM
It is worth pointing out that one of our goals is for nobody's damage to drop when you convert your Cataclysm level 85 character to a Mists level 85 character. The sources of your damage may change as rotations change somewhat, but once you're comfortable with those new rotations, your damage should be similar.

Also remember that number tuning is one of the last things we do. There is no point in spending hours testing numbers if we decide that a particular ability or mechanic was a boneheaded idea and needs to be redesigned. We try to keep the numbers sane enough that players still feel like they can give feedback though.