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#1 - 2012/04/05 02:34:00 AM
Blizzard, I feel we need to have a chat. A tank chat. We can leave those silly DPS and healers alone for a little while and have us a little pow-wow.

See, there's been this problem nagging at me and many other tanks.

It's about bosses.

Bosses are big and terrifying. They're especially scary when they're pointed at YOU. So I can understand that they have a lot of health, they hit hard and they require more stat points just to hit them.

But I feel there's something being overlooked in all of this, and I'd like to take a moment to explain my point as clear as possible.

We've got this boss. Big, scary, check. Billion HP, check. High chance to be missed, high chance to dodge, high chance to parry from the front.


While the tank is tanking, all of the other melee dps walk around to his backside to stab his heels. They do this to get around his parry chance. This means that a hit capped, expertise capped DPS will always hit his target. Awesome!

But what about the tanks? The tanks can't be behind the boss. If the tank wants to hit the boss with his attacks and not be frustrated, he needs to overcome the bosses parry chance with extra itemization that no one else needs to spend. And he wants to be able to hit the boss because his Mists of Pandaria tank experience depends on landing offensive attacks to generate resources for defensive moves. But he also wants defensive stats that the DPS don't want because he's a tank and doesn't want to be squishy.

I feel that this places an unfair burden on tanks. They've already got plenty of stats to worry about. They've got plenty of extra mechanics to worry about. But on top of that, they are at the mercy of RNG to decide whether their hits land or not.

And that's really not fun.

I understand that melee DPS being behind the boss is the way fights are designed, and the parry chance encourages that, but seeing as the tank has no choice in the matter, I feel that tanks should have an innate passive ability to ignore that parry chance.

It could be as simple as giving tanks 7.5% expertise as a spec bonus.

Number based on GC's blog post here:

I cannot think of a way that this would negatively impact the game, but the quality of life gains for raid tanks everywhere would be immense. Tanks would still want to hit and expertise cap, but it wouldn't take an absurd amount of stat points to do so. Melee DPS will still want to stay behind the bosses because they still have to deal with that parry. Status quo maintained!

Please, for the love of tanks, give us the gift of 7.5% expertise. Save the tanks!

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#52 - 2012/04/07 04:57:00 AM
We want tanks to care about hit and expertise as mitigation stats, because hitting a boss leads to resources, which leads to higher survival. We could make gear with just parry, dodge and mastery (and just dodge and mastery for some tanks) but we think that gets boring. You might not necessarily need to cap hit and expertise, depending on how much avoidance or mastery you'd be talking about sacrificing. That's not the kind of tuning we have completed yet.