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#1 - 2012/04/07 12:01:00 AM
Having a lot of issue with the lack of any range attack

-cant pull mobs out of close Groups properly to attack 1 at a time
-cant compete with any class with ranged attacks while questing
-cant pull quest mobs that are not at grount lv
-cant snipe opposite faction members at range while hiding in the bushes after a duel.

we really need something to use, and the only range attack we seem to get it at lv 90 when all use for it ie questing, has ended.

Game Designer
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#4 - 2012/04/07 04:32:00 AM
Rogues and warriors will have a baseline "Throw" attack, that does a tiny bit of damage but mostly serves just to get a creature's attention. This attack will not require a ranged weapon.