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#0 - 2010/09/26 05:21:26 PM
Is amazing, i just read some posts, where players get banned with no reason, just coz they tell the true.

Any old school Ret Paladin, like me, remembers what it was to kill anything, with just autoattack + Judgement, was boring, but thats what we had.

On TBC, we got CS, a extra attack, that eventualy lost the 2º effect, and now just makes dmg.

On the end of TBC, we all saw the blue posts admiting that Ret was a broke spec, and they wanted to fix that on WotLK.

Now, at the end of WotLK, we see the blue posts admiting that Ret is a broke spec...

Should we still believe that they will fix that in Cata? Or they at least want to fix? Or they at least know how to fix it?

I play my Paladin for more then 240 days, i wonder if anyone in Blizzard played more then me, and i know there are players with even more game time.
With this, i just mean that maybe, just maybe, some players actualy know what the class need.

To start, one thing i would completly remove, is any talent with % chance to proc. And i explain why: chance to proc, is just like the old SoC, is based on luck, and not on skills.

Second, to prevent ppl from calling us faceroll class, instead of removing what we have best, we should just give more options to the class. Give second effects to all abilitys, give decent PvP utility, give defencive options, etc, so the most skilled players would use those abilitys better then the noob players.

Now, on the 3º expancion, i cant imagine any melee class playing PvP without 3 PvP abilitys, and those are : spell interrupt, closegap, slow effect.

Spell interrupt, all melee classes have, and they got it baseline, why Pallys have to spec for it?

Slow effects, all melee classes have it, just pallys dont.

Close gap, all melee classes have, just Pallys dont. And no, that mini sprint is not a close gap.

Now, with "all" my Ret Paladin experience, focusing on PvP, what i would change for Cata?

- I would give Exorcism the spell interrupt effect, keep the 15sec cd, instant cast, 30 yards range, dmg reduced by 50%.

- Judgements dmg would be the same, no matter the seal u using.

- Judgement of Justice would really slow the target by 50%, for at least 5sec. Using this judgement, means we wont use the light or wisdom juds, losing the beneficts.

- Talents, to allow seal of light to steal hp from the target, and seal of wisdom to steal mana. Doesnt need to be big amounts, just enough to survive Priests mana burns, etc.

- The Pallys bubble, the most hated spell in game, duration reduced to 5sec, cd reduced to 2min. And again imune to dispels. Cant attack inside bubble, but can heal.

- Repentance, cd reduced to 30sec, duration on PvE reduced to 30sec, on PvP can stay 6sec.

- HoJ cd reduced to 45sec.

- Hands, no long magic buffs that most classes can dispel/steal. Why? Coz doesnt make any sence to make a class depend so much on magic blessings, and then alow half classes in game to remove them, making Paladin a broke class in most PvP encounters.

- SoC removed, and replaced by a new extra attack, with a diferent second effect of CS.

- Leap of Justice, the close gap, 30 yards range, 20sec cd, can only be used after he Paladin is attacked. So, keep the defencive prespective of the class, but really alow us to defend our selfes.

Now, if u say that i want to give everything to Paladins, thats not true, not asking for MS, or disarm, or fear, or spell reflect, or offencive dispels, or mind controls, etc etc.

And, at least, u wouldnt be calling us face roll, coz then we wouldnt be taking the max benefict of all the abilitys.

If we can faceroll now, if coz we lack on real utility, decent pvp abilitys, we just press any button that cd is ready. Nerf us wont fix us.

I really hope that Paladin in Cata wont be so crap, like some beta players are testing. Hope Blizzard wont fix Paladins next spring, after most reroll Jedis.

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#90 - 2010/09/29 04:06:04 PM
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