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#0 - 2010/09/29 01:53:30 AM
the realm test goin donw for more hours?

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#4 - 2010/09/29 08:40:36 PM
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That is where you need to be checking for server info etc. Its a shame we EU's arent allowed to post on that forum. This forum is basically just for us PTR users it seems, i really doubt blizz actually checks this that often. However the US testers are doing a fine job reporting issues as they appear. What annoys me the most being a wow-EU user is that it feels like we have no real say in anything compared to the US players. Well, what can you do, right?
It's not like that at all, we do check out threads here all the time, actually. The thing is, we cannot post notification about the PTRs coming down when that happens in the middle of the night here in the EU.

You mention US users doing a fine job of reporting issues, well let me just clarify that maybe it's just you who isn't doing this, but a lot of EU players are also doing a fine job of reporting PTR issues, just like their US counterparts. I'll repeat what I say again and again here in this forum, but we really very greatly appreciate the feedback that EU players give us via the EU public test realms. EU feedback is seen to be very helpful and of a high quality. For those who are taking the time to provide it to us, thanks a lot. :-)